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Welcome to the Chair of Public Finance

19 November 2017
Ab März 2018 sind am Lehrstuhl für Finanzwissenschaft zwei Stellen einer studentischen/wissenschaftlichen Hilfskraft zu besetzen.
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17 January 2018
The chair will offer a master seminar in the summer term on "Education over the life-cycle". See here for more information.

17 January 2018
AdvPE I: The tutorial from January 25, 2018 will be changed to Monday January 29, 12-14, in SR 309.

News - Research

4 January 2018
The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved the project "Language-Skill Investments and Migration Decisions" (joint with Prof. Panu Poutvaara, Ifo Institute Munich) for a two-year period. For the preceding project "Language Learning and Migration", please see here.

20 October 2017
An atricle about the project "Language Learning and Migration" funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG - see here) entitled "Erst Deutsch lernen? Und dann?" (by Silke Übelmesser, in German) has been published in "forschung", the magazin of the German Science Foundation.  

4 September 2017
The paper"Job Changes and Interregional Migration of Graduates" by Tina Haussen and Silke Übelmesser has been accepted for publication in Regional Studies.

18 August 2017
The paper "A critical comparsion of migration policies: Entry fee versus quota" by Silke Übelmesser (joint with Oded Stark, Lukasz Byra and Alessandra Casarico) hat now been published in Regional Science and Urban Economics.

15 June 2017
The paper "A Macro-level Analysis of Adult-age Language Learning" by Silke Übelmesser and Severin Weingarten has been published as CESifo Working Paper.

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