Dr. Matthias Huber

Matthias Huber Matthias Huber Image: A. Günther

Email:   Matthias.Huber@uni-jena.de


Research Interests Expand entry
  • Migration
  • Economics of Education
  • Economics of Languages
Education Expand entry
  • 11/2015–present
    PhD Candidate in Economics, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • 10/2013–02/2016
    Master of Science, Economics, Leipzig University
  • 09/2014–02/2015
    Visiting Student, Faculty of Economics, University of Padova
  • 02/2013–07/2013
    Visiting Student, Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna
  • 10/2009–02/2013
    Bachelor of Arts (Econ.), Economics, Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Project Expand entry

"Language Learning and Migration" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

For more information about the project, please see here.

Publications Expand entry
  • Uebelmesser, Silke, Matthias Huber, and Severin Weingarten (2018). "The German Language Worldwide: a New Data Set on Language Learning". CESifo Economic Studies 64 (1), 103-121.  (Link to CESifo Economic Studies)
Work in Progress Expand entry
  • Huber, Matthias and Silke Uebelmesser (2017). "Presence of language-learning opportunities abroad and migration to Germany", University of Jena, mimeo.
Conferences and Workshops Expand entry
  • 2018
    - Bamberg-Halle-Jena-Leipzig Worksop on Empirical Microeconomics (Jena, February 2018)
    - Spring Meeting of Young Economists (Palma de Mallorca, May 2018)
  • 2017
    - Jena Economic Research Workshop (JERW, Jena, January 2017)
    - Central-German Doctoral Program Economics Workshop (CGDE, Jena, March 2017)
    - Jena Lecture Series (JLS, Jena, May 2017)
    - CEMIR Junior Economist Workshop on Migration Research (Munich, June 2017)
    - Bamberg-Halle-Jena-Leipzig Workshop on Empirical Microeconomics (Leipzig, July 2017)
    - European Regional Science Association (ERSA, Groningen, August 2017)
    - Doctoral Workshop "Demographic Change, Migration and Integration: Interdisciplinary Perspectives" (Jena, September 2017)
    - European Association of Labor Economics (EALE, St. Gallen, September 2017)
    - CReAm/RWI Workshop on the Economics of Migration (Essen, September 2017)
  • 2016
    - Volkswirtschaftliches Doktorandenseminar (Leipzig, June 2016)
    - Bamber-Halle-Leipzig Seminar on Applied Microeconometrics (Bamberg, May 2016)
Teaching Expand entry
  • Tutorial Advanced Public Economic I: Public Policy in Open Economies