Ausschnitt Fakt ist

Who will be doing our work in the future?

MDR “Fakt Ist” (political talk show) about labour scarcity with Silke Uebelmesser and others.
Ausschnitt Fakt ist
Image: MDR


Supermarkets and bakeries shorten their opening hours because of a lack of staff. Buses are cancelled because there are not enough drivers. Swimming pools remain closed because there are too few swimming pool attendants. What used to be a problem for company bosses is now being felt by consumers: Germany is running out of workers. Almost two million jobs are unfilled - a record. How can this development be stopped?

With flexible working hours or a 4-day week, say the optimists. But in which companies is this feasible? And can it be financed?

The federal government sees a solution in more immigration. At the same time, companies complain about high bureaucratic hurdles when they want to recruit and employ foreign skilled workers. And Germany is lagging behind in the recognition of qualifications - even in the case of doctors and teachers, who are urgently needed in this country.

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